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Dragon Head (Tokyopop) [Seinen]
Post apocalyptic drama about two people survivng in a desolate world. The series is really dark and often depressing, but also often exciting. The detailed images will blow you away. Few manga can create such a fucked up atmosphere as this... It's not afraid of letting emotions run wild... Experience true fear in Dragon Head!

Sundome (Yen Press) [Seinen] Sexually charged manga about a sexually frustrated male who falls in love with a dominant girl. He basically becomes her pet dog, up to the point where he wants to pissed on. The manga carries a sexual vibe, but also with a touch of drama and comedy. Most of the gags revolve around sex, but it's not like an ecchi manga. This goes far beyond that. Give it a read if you want a more twisted love story.

The Drifting Classroom (Viz) [Shonen] Classic 1970's horror manga from Kazuo Umezu. Read on as children gets transported to the distant future where everything around them has turned to sand. Watch them cry for their parents, watch them commit suicide, watch them eat eachother, watch them exploring what is left of the world. All of that complete with really freaky monsters. The bizzare events in this manga is really reminicent of Gantz. A true masterpiece that will leave you screaming for more. Can't recommend it enough.

Scary Book (Viz) [Shonen] Another Kazuo Umezu manga. It's a short 3-volume short story collection. The first volume is a bit lackluster, centering a girl obsessed with her own image in the mirror, when the girl inside the mirror comes alive... The other two volumes are much better, feautring really creepy stories, such as the one with a teenage girl who vents her anger by sending a letter full of cursing and death wishes out to an adress she thinks does not exist. Unfortunately for her, the adress DOES exist and the stuff written in the letter starts happening to the recipient.

Naoki Urasawa's Monster (Viz) [Seinen] This one is quite well-known I guess, but I felt I had to have it here. It's a psychological thriller about a doctor who desperately tries to save a childs life. The child then grows up to become the most cold-blooded killer you'll ever see. The doctor takes off in pursuit while being suspected for a list of murders he didn't commit.

Confidential Confessions (Tokyopop) [Shojo] A great shojo manga where each volume focuses on new things. It's about the troubles women go through today. Everything from rape to drugs, stalking and bullying. The drug episode feels more like propaganda than anything else though. Still, a very good series of books. Very emotional.

Confidential Confessions: Deai (Tokyopop) [Shojo]
If you liked Confidential Confessions, you'll like this. This one deals with girls being dangerously close to prostitution. Things go horribly wrong, needless to say. It is nowhere near as good as the regular Confidential Confessions, but it gives readers who liked the first one more to like here. Enjoy.

Ikigami - The Ultimate Limit (Viz) [Seinen] Wow. I stumbled upon this manga on a market and after I read the description on the back, I just KNEW I had to read it. This manga is about Japan and a strange new law the get; The National Welfare act, a law that will make people value life more. To summarize, the law basically means that a person between 18-24 will die each day because they were injected with a nano capsule set to activate at certain times. It was put into randomly selected people to make everyone care more for their lives and decrease crime. The manga focuses on the victims of the law and how they spend their last 24 hours alive. We also get to follow the character delivering the "death papers" to the victims. He does not know what to think of his job... But if he is openly negative about the law, he may get punished, so he better keep his mouth shut.

Togari (Viz) [Shonen] This manga is a bit different than the others in this list, as this has way more action than any of the titles here. It's a manga about a guy who has killed thousands of people, 300 years ago. He went to hell for his sins and have been punished for all this time. Eventually, he recieves an offer, to kill the sins of criminals in the modern world. Yes, he literally has to kill the sins of humans as they take on a form of a monster (which humans can't see). He has 108 days to kill 108 sins. This manga is full of action, but with a lot of character development thrown in. There is some comedy too, our antihero has no idea what a TV, cars or even a tie is, resulting in some funny moments. Recommended if you like action with a good plot.

What a Wonderful World (Viz) [Seinen] "The cruelty of childhood. The delusion of adulthood. The endurance of death. Laugh in the face of reality." A very interesting 2-volume manga about ordinary people, a lot of philosophy and lots of hidden meaning.

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