Curry i Osaka

En kille rekommenderar ett ställe i Osaka, Japan för er som gillar Curry!
(Jag vet, det är helg och jag ska inte uppdatera men jag var bara tvungen!)


This is a video response to my man Busankevin's video documenting various JVloggers favorite Japanese foods. Sorry I couldn't get this to you in time Kev! But yes, this is the most fantastic curry in all of Japan. The beauty part about curry is that every place's curry tastes different from one another, so you never have the same experience twice ;D

Sadly the place doesn't have a website, but if you look for "上等カレー on google maps, you'll be able to find some. This is the address for the original one: 〒553-0003 大阪府大阪市福島区福島6丁目14−9

If you're in Osaka, you GOTTA try this curry. You will not regret it :3


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